Due to the continuous research of new quarries all over the world, BAAN is able to offer an high quality range of products, specifically for engobe, glaze, frit and ceramic body production.

BAAN works closely with its customers, and by using an in-depth knowledge of their manufacturing processes, is able to use its portfolio of high quality raw materials to supply customers with a variety of tailor made product solutions for each request.

Dedicated laboratories are equipped with the latest technical and scientific equipment for studying all aspects of minerals and their industrial uses in the ceramic field.

Together with BAAN , the globalization becomes an opportunity for the ceramic tile producer , because he can have the availabilty of the best minerals actually extracted in the world quarries , already geologically selected , technically checked and supplied directly to his plant warehouse at the lowest market price.

It is our aim, not only to assist customers, but also to develop innovative products to enable them to obtain optimum performance from technological advances in tile manufacture.