Ceramic Minerals Supplier

BAAN is a private italian firm which operates in the field of raw materials for the ceramic industrial sector. It is dedicated to provide his customers with the global raw material solutions for ceramic bodies, glazes and engobes.

To enable direct support to customers, BAAN owns its commercial offices close to its market, inside the most well-known ceramic tiles cluster of Sassuolo (Modena – Italy). There, ceramic engineers with remarkable ceramic know-how, are able to provide sales support and technical assistance.

With regards to logistics, BAAN is able to supply and deliver its products through a controlled logistic network including road, rail and sea.

Working together with the Italian and the foreign university ceramic laboratories, BAAN constantly updates its ceramic knowledge in order to solve the customers’ technical and production problems and develop the new products allowing its customers’ growth.

BAAN evaluates, under a geological point of view, new deposits and mines and looks for the best ones all over the world and it studies the best logistical ways in order to offer its customers the best raw materials solution.

BAAN Quality System has been thought and built up with the first and only goal to give to the customers the satisfaction they asks for, to produce with high productivity their own ceramic tile products , always more competitive, updated, fashionable and trendy.

Philosophy and Policy

Our policy is to work together with our customers in order to create a reliable relationship, which helps us both understand what raw materials are best suited for the tile body formulations. This relationship also provides a good business guide for BAAN as it continuously evaluates many deposits at the same time through ongoing geological studies of the italians and foreign universities. Our policy is to agree upon contracts with owners of the best raw material deposits in the worlds, so that we can continuously recommend new product solutions for the italian tile body formulations.

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